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Message from the Chairman

Mr. Rajesh Gupta


“To embark on a journey of success one needs the tool of preparedness, foresight & strategy. These lead to the path of growth & High quality operation. In an organization of any significant magnitude the executives cannot create the future single handedly. They must develop the enterprise in a constellation of teams within the overall team if they hope to bring the special talents and resources to bear on the challenge of creating superior customer value and sustaining a competitive advantage in the eyes of its customers”


I wish each & every child should be benefitted by these courses , be it rich or poor. Unfortunately in today’s world, economic and financial factors play a major role on a common man’s mind in deciding his child’s education. To overcome this constraint I have tried to make sure that these courses are within reach of every parent at a very nominal cost & that too through the medium of the schools which seemed uncanny at first. With platinum years of completion of Indian Independence, by year 2022 each and every child should be Abacus & Vedic maths literate respectively through the medium of schools which is supposedly the best way to reach out young & innocent hearts.

Rajesh Gupta

Chairman & Managing Director, AVAS




Message from the Program Director

Ms. Pooja Ahuja


I’m a firm believer that Maths is very lucrative subject, and it proves the best asset to everyone, as Maths is everywhere we live and spend life, in small-small things. I did a special research in this field and have been a fond lover of Mathematics after taking proper guidance by my mentors Prof G.D. Dhall (Master in Vedic Mathematics) and Prof S.N. Chhibber, member of Mathematics Association of India,  Professor, NCERT, prepare questions papers of CBSE and ICSE Board.

I have come up with many interesting facts about this subject and now have devoted by entire life in preparing best content for easy understanding for kids. I have worked and drilled down to ins and outs of ABACUS and VEDIC MATHS and have come up with best solution to map to our existing curriculum of Maths. It is a magical tool to improve the Concentration level and memory level in children. It works best for the 360 degree brain development, and thus increases mental aptitude. It increases speed and accuracy and increases self confidence in children.

Pooja Ahuja
Director (Program), AVAS