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ABACUS – It is a wooden/plastic framed tool with beads used to inculcate place value concept in children since childhood.
The advance study in China and Japan has proved it to be  a Skill development tool. Under this study abacus was made a compulsory subject in the primary school curriculum in china and Japan. Now the analysis  has proved that with the help of Abacus, the overall brain development occurs and hence build a more confident citizen with better concept clarity, thus have revolutionized the skill of entire country.
The use of the soroban is still taught in Japanese primary schools as part of mathematics, primarily as an aid to faster mental calculation. Using visual imagery of a soroban, one can arrive at the answer in the same time as, or even faster than, is possible with a physical instrument


Abacus Benefits


Removing Phobia of Mathematics | Developing Concentration | 360 Degree Brain Development
Improving Memory | Generating Self Confidence | Making Competent | Improving their overall abilities | Stress Free Calculations




AVAS presents an unique range of Abacus Learning Tool from level 1 to level 10. Each kit contains books/manuals with tool to learn. This kit is ideal for age group of 7 to 14. This kit can be used by both Boys and Girls. This is a perfect educational tool. You can buy this kit online from all leading ecommerce portals such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues and many more.


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