School Partner Model

A school partner is an individual/institute that collaborates with AVAS Company, to implement specialized programs for Abacus and Vedic Maths or services in respective schools. This partnership aims to enhance student learning experiences, often by leveraging resources, expertise, and support from both parties.

Key Responsibilities Areas of AVAS School Partner

When teaming up with AVAS Company as a school partner to teach and guide students in schools on behalf of AVAS in a specific region, your main duties and focuses are

1.Representing AVAS: Be AVAS’s face, keeping its reputation intact by following ethical standards agreed upon between the school partner and AVAS.

2.Managerial Work: Take charge of Abacus and Vedic Maths activities such as ;-

  • Handle Admission Enquiries and Admission Procedures: Assist with inquiries about admissions and manage the admission process smoothly.
  • Organize Student Data: Maintain organized records of student information for efficient management.
  • Distribute Books: Ensure timely distribution of educational materials to students.
  • Implement Curriculum and Handle Classroom Queries: Follow the curriculum effectively and address any questions students may have.
  • Attend Parent-Teacher Meetings: Participate in meetings to discuss students’ progress with parents and teachers.
  • Conduct Monthly Audits: Regularly review processes and procedures to ensure compliance and effectiveness.
  • Manage Teacher Tasks: Support teachers in their duties and responsibilities.
  • Administer Assessments: Conduct assessments to evaluate student learning.
  • Oversee Result Management and Certification Work: Manage the process of recording and issuing certifications for students.

Arrange Workshops: Organize workshops to provide additional learning opportunities for students.

3) Implementing Curriculum: Make sure AVAS’s Abacus and Vedic Maths curriculum is put into action properly, meeting the educational standards and goals of the region.

4) Teaching: Teach engaging lessons using AVAS materials to help students learn better.

5) Supporting Students: Offer individual support to students, creating a friendly environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

6) Professional Development: Keep learning and improving your teaching skills through AVAS’s training to stay updated with the latest educational methods.

7) Communication: Keep everyone in the loop by staying in touch with AVAS, school staff, teachers, and parents to address any concerns or issues.

8) Assessing and Monitoring Progress: Regularly check students’ progress and use the data to make teaching decisions.

9) Managing the Classroom: Create a good learning environment by using effective behaviour management techniques recommended by AVAS.

10) Promoting AVAS Programs: Spread the word about AVAS programs to students, parents, and others in the community.

11) Following Policies and Procedures: Stick to AVAS’s rules and any educational regulations in the region.

12) Being Professional:Always act professionally and ethically in your interactions with students, colleagues, and others, reflecting AVAS’s values.


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