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Every year on December 22, the AVAS National Award Ceremony is held in celebration of National Mathematics Day. This prestigious event recognizes outstanding achievements of students who have excelled in national examinations for abacus and Vedic mathematics. AVAS, a prominent organization dedicated to promoting mathematical skills among young learners, collaborates with numerous schools across India. They conduct exams and identify top performers, who are then honored during this grand ceremony.

The award distribution not only celebrates the students’ hard work and dedication but also aims to inspire a love for mathematics among young minds. By recognizing exceptional talent, AVAS fosters a competitive spirit and encourages students to pursue excellence in this vital subject.

Associated with many schools pan-India, AVAS ensures that its exams are accessible to a wide range of students. The meticulous organization and execution of these exams guarantee a fair assessment of the students’ abilities. Winners receive national recognition, certificates, and trophies, which bolster their academic portfolios and motivate them further.

National Mathematics Day, commemorating the birth anniversary of the renowned mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, provides the perfect backdrop for this event. It emphasizes the importance of mathematical education and celebrates the achievements of those who excel in this field.

Glimpes of National League Championship 2023

Every year we have organizing National Maths Symosiums on National Maths Day, 22nd December since 2012. Meritorious students are awarded on this special day for excellent contribution in field of mathematics all the schools associated with us in the noble cause are also honoured on this special day.

Our Cheif Guest

Dr. Kiran Sethi , Sub inspector Kiran sethi Himanshu Gupta (secretary of CBSE), Dr. Kulbhushan Shsrma(president of national independent Schools), Mr.Atul Nischa( Founder-Director ,ISCL | Executive Vice president , S.Chand Group).
PR sreejesh( Former captain of the Indian National Team of hockey),Dr. Biswajit Saha ( Director, CBSE , Ministry of Education , Government of india)
Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa( Former sports minester of India), he was union minister of soprts and chemicals and fertilisers in third Vajpayee Ministry from 2000 to 2004. He was member of rajya sabha from 1998 to 2004.
Ms. Ira Sehgal ,(IAS Topper.first IAS Women with disablity), Mr. Ghanshyam goel (DG,PIB),Ms. Romana Isar Khan ( TV Anchor ABP NEWS) witnesses the celebration on NATIONAL MATHS.
Mr. Anil Swarup, Secretary School Education
Country Fried Steak & Egg
Dr. Kiran Bedi
Dr. Sunita S. kaushik ( Additional Director of Education
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