Abacus/Vedic Maths Products By AVAS

All avas books are approved and published with guidance of child counsellor and under guidance of experts.

AVAS presents an unique range of Abacus Learning Tool from level 1 to level 10. Each kit contains books with tool to learn. This kit is ideal for age group of 5yr to 11yr. This kit can be used by both Boys and Girls. This is a perfect educational tool.

Handwriting is a reflection of a personality. A good handwriting marks a beautiful impression on a reader. AVAS Handwriting Improvement Course helps a child develop legible and beautiful handwriting.

  • Every student from classes 1st to 5th will get ABACUS Kit 2 books + 1 Abacus Tool + 1 Abacus bag in LEVEL I and will get – 2 books in LEVEL II.
  • Every student from classes 6th to 9th will get VEDIC MATH Kit 2 books + 1 Folder + Stationary in LEVEL I
    and will get – 2 Books in LEVEL II.
  • Handwriting is in form of TWO Levels. LEVEL I Helps in creating legible handwriting. and LEVEL II Helps in increasing writing speed..
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