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ABACUS is one of the best tool, that enhances the concentration level of children. It is one of the in-demand programs for schools as one the leading fun loving activity for children for fast calculations in maths. It undoubtedly increases the overall ability in child.


The advance study in China and Japan has proved it to be  a Skill development tool. Under this study abacus was made a compulsory subject in the primary school curriculum in china and Japan. Now the analysis  has proved that with the help of Abacus, the overall brain development occurs and hence build a more confident citizen with better concept clarity, thus have revolutionized the skill of entire country.


We at AVAS try to make Maths a loving subject for every child through abacus & vedic maths by prescriptive learning program. We EDUCATE | VALIDATE | EVALUATE


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Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of Indian Mathematics which was rediscovered from the Vedas/sutras between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji (1884-1960). According to his research, mathematics is based on SUTRAS or word-formulae. These formulae describe the way the mind works naturally and are therefore a great help in directing the student to the appropriate solution.



Vedic Math is being used from so many years at entrance level after 12th class for cracking the competitive examinations, thus increasing aptitude in children. We showcased result in children from 6th class onwards towards improvement in Oral Maths, overall aptitude and logical ability by delivering Vedic maths education in kids.


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Robotics – STEM based education enhances thinking skills, reinforce team building and makes every child learn the concept of science in easy manner. Works on “Learning by Doing” concept. Robotics is a branch of Engineering that deals with Science and Technology of robots, their design, manufacture, application, and structural disposition.


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We have some innovative training program in Handwriting Improvements and Enhancing Writing Skills.


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Teachers Training Program

We have been working in more than 150 schools across country and have trained more than 40,000 students with the knowledge of Abacus & Vedic Maths and have helped them in removing their phobia for Mathematics.



We launched our Teacher’s Training Program with a thought that with the fast growing technology and scientific advent it has become imperative for the students to be well acquainted with mathematical concepts and quick hand in calculations. It has been observed over the years that when the children are not able to calculate fast, they tend to develop a fear for the subject and a feeling that ‘Mathematics is not their cup of tea’.

We have trained more than 2000 government teachers on Vedic Mathematics  on behalf of SCERT and have been training many school teachers.


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